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Attention New International Students! Very Important Meeting!

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There will be a highly important meeting for new international students at 12:15 Tuesday, February 7th, in Dean Tate Miller’s office at the Career Advising Center on the third floor of McCone.

The subject of the meetings is: “Very Helpful Cultural Tips for New International Students Adjusting to MIIS and the American Culture.” The meeting will be led by Professor Peter Grothe who teaches cross-cultural communications and who is Director of International Student Programs Emeritus. Students are strongly encouraged to come with any questions or concerns they have.

Among the numerous topics discussed will be:

  • How to  deal with cross-cultural problems.
  • Ways to quickly improve  your English, including learning American idioms.
  • Useful tips for doing well in class.
  • How to interact with your professors.
  • How to make American friends.
  • How to deal with homesickness.
  • Suggestions on whom to turn if one has problems.

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