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Korea-America Student Conference

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The March 1st deadline is almost here! The Korea-America Student Conference <> (KASC) and Japan-America Student Conference <> (JASC) are recruiting bright and adventurous college (and grad) students for summer 2012. JASC is the oldest student-run exchange between the U.S. and Japan, founded in 1934. KASC launched in 2008, answering the call for closer ties between students in the U.S. and Korea.

In themselves, the Conferences are an unforgettable experience. Each lasts nearly a month (KASC: July 2-29; JASC: July 25-August 19), involving students from the U.S. and partner country. This year, the Conferences take place in the States. Universities across the nation will host students as they travel to four diverse sites. All selected applicants become delegates, who research roundtable topics and meet with experts in their respective fields. Each Conference boasts 5-8 roundtables, ranging from politics to the arts. These KASC <>  and JASC <>  pages share greater detail of sites and roundtables.

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