Friday, February 3rd, 2012...1:00 pm

Peace and Development Collaborative Network: Conflict Resolution in the South Caucasus

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This exciting program brings you to the heart of conflict in the South Caucasus. Participants will meet a variety of local specialists, including academics and practitioners who will provide an inside view of each side of the conflict.  Students will spend time in Tbilisi and, if possible, Sukhum/Sukhumi. Formal class sessions are complemented by various site visits to encourage a more comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted issues affecting societies in conflict.

The program aims to provide context for understanding the changes that the South Caucasus region has experienced during the last 25 years, opportunities for understanding conflict tensions surrounding inter-community relations, and the aftermath of wars involving South Ossetians, Abkhaz, Russians, and Georgians, as well as the conflict over Karabakh. Related dynamics in the North Caucasus and globally will also be considered.


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