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GSIPM Executive Education course on social media welcomes participants from around the world

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On February 17 and 18, the Monterey Institute Executive Education program held a training on “Harnessing the Power of Social Media, Youth Movements, and Dynamic Markets” with Dr. Reza Aslan (Aslan Media), Jessica Jackley (Kiva co-founder), Austin Heap (founder of Haystack) and Roshi Pejhan (Aslan Media and MAIPS ’06).

The training included 19 participants (in-person and via a webinar on Friday) from non-profits, schools, and private companies around the world. Learn more about GSIPM executive education programs. Participants learned how to launch a social media campaign, crowdfunding tools, and current trends and tools in this new and revolutionary industry.

During the training, Jessica Jackley announced the closure of Profounder, a crowdfunding company she co-started in 2009. She cited the difficult regulatory environment and preferences given to wealthy investors as some of the challenges leading to the closure. The free business tools Profounder presented will be live on the web for approximately one more month.

The next executive education workshop will take place this June and feature Peter Robertson of Human Insight. The subject of the workshop is continued growth for organizations and businesses. Learn more or register at

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