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Frontier Market Scouts Adds Short Training and Summer Field Program

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This February the Frontier Market Scouts program announced that it will offer a five-day training program followed by a July-August internship/field post in conjunction with the regularly scheduled two-week training and six-month field program. Similiar to the longer training and field program, this new shorter option will be open to Monterey Institute students as  well as graduate students, professionals, and career-changers from other schools and organizations.

Applications for both the short and longer programs (that start May 29) are due by April 1, 2012.

Jointly developed and managed by the Monterey Institute, Sanghata Global, and Village Capital, the Frontier Market Scouts (FMS) program turns compassionate and capable young professionals into talent scouts and investment managers serving local entrepreneurs and social-minded investors in low-income and weak-capital regions of the world.

The scouts provide due diligence for investors and technical assistance for entrepreneurs with the goal of generating high-quality deal flows and supporting portfolio companies at a low cost.

The Scouts’ mission is to enable the enterprising poor to scale poverty alleviation in capital-weak areas of emerging markets, while gaining career defining and life changing experience.

The certificate program provides a two-week training in Monterey, California in January and May/June followed by a six-month internship with leading impact investors and intermediaries around the world. FMS also offers an abbreviated training in Monterey (in conjunction with the two-week training) in May/June followed by a field program July-August. 

Past and current Scouts have been placed in Brazil (Sao Paolo), Ecuador (Coca region), Egypt (Cairo), India (Chennai, Mumbai), Lebanon (Beirut), Nigeria (Lagos), Tanzania (Dar Es Salaam), and Vietnam (Ho Chi Min City).

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