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MIIS Tales at the DLC

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The DLC would like to promote an exciting new initiative on campus: MIIS Tales

“What is MIIS Tales,” you ask?

Broadly speaking, it’s an effort to document and share stories from the remarkably diverse group of people that learn within, interact with, and deeply shape the MIIS community. But even deeper, it aspires to embed a culture of storytelling and empathy into our fabric that profoundly unites us beyond our short time here.

MIIS Tales is the brainchild of current students Nan Liu and Karla Micheli, inspired by the projects, classes, and, most importantly, the people they met during their first semester at MIIS.

When it came time to get down to business, they called The DLC:

“It only seemed natural to partner with The Commons on this initiative. We’re very fortunate to have access to such an active and innovative resource on campus. We wanted to capitalize on their knowledge, expertise, and positioning as a central hub to get the most out of our vision. Plus, they’re awesome, duh.”

Whether you’re a writer, a talker, a visual learner/expresser, a multimedia geek (like us), a data freak (what’s up Anna), or an interpretive dancer, MIIS Tales are for you. The DLC wants your stories, long, short, mundane, and life-changing, for the MIIS Tales multimedia database. If it’s incomplete, the staff will help you finish it. If you don’t know your ideal medium, the staff will show you your options and help you choose. If you don’t know where to start, the staff will brainstorm with you.

If you or someone you know has a story to tell, please contact the DLC at, or go to to make an appointment. Also, be on the lookout for more information and activities.

Finally, The DLC would like to reiterate how inspired they are by this project. It’s good to reside in the international suburb of Monterey.

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