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$500,000 Simulate a Better World Challenge

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WILL Interactive, Inc. (WILL) follows a corporate philosophy of “doing well by doing good.” A major component of WILL’s business philosophy is the company’s desire to create positive social change through the use of Virtual Experience Immersive Learning Simulations (VEILS®). In that vein, this Challenge is a call for entries for the creation of a VEILS® serious game simulation to address a pressing social issue. To learn more about WILL, Interactive, click [here].

VEILS® is an immersive technology that harnesses the engaging characteristics of game-based video simulations to capture the attention of individuals at a level that leads them to positive action. To learn more about VEILS® serious game simulations, and to view demo segments of VEILS® simulations, click [here].

Each winner of this Challenge will have the social issue identified in his/her/its Entry addressed through the development of a VEILS® game-based video simulation, and will receive, at no cost, the perpetual right to use the simulation. WILL will absorb all product development costs (approximate value = $500,000) to develop the VEILS® simulation. Winning Entrants will receive a royalty if the resulting simulation is commercialized, and organization Entrants will receive co-branding recognition on the simulation.

The winning Entrant(s) must actively participate in product development reviews and provide subject matter expertise for successful development of the winning simulation(s). Additionally, in order to help maximize the positive impact on the widest possible audience, proposals must contain a marketing and distribution plan that describes how the simulation will be disseminated and the Entrant’s prior experience relevant to the marketing and distribution of learning products.

Enter Now!

How to Enter

  1. Read the Official Rules;
  2. Create a concept for a VEILS® “serious game” simulation to address a serious social issue;
  3. Complete the Entry Form by providing your contact information, proposal, and confirming agreement to the Official Rules.
  4. The deadline for Entries is April 20, 2012.

All questions regarding this Challenge should be submitted via email . The deadline for submitting questions is April 1, 2012. All questions received may be combined in one document, answered, and emailed back to parties who have expressed interest by April 15, 2012.


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