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Mountbatten Deadline Approaching!

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The Mountbatten Institute’s staff and corporate sponsors, in association with the Graduate School of Management and Social Sciences of St Mary’s University College, Twickenham, London, are committed to furthering the international perspective and prospects of the next generation. A pioneer in the field of work and study abroad programmes, the Institute provides recent graduates and young professionals with the choice of two unique opportunities. Mountbatten facilitates 12- and 16-month programmes to live, work and study in London, New York and Bangkok. Mountbatten alumni advance their careers with:

  • an MBA or Postgraduate Certificate in International Business Practice
  • a year of relevant work experience in a world financial capital
  • an international network of friends, colleagues and business managers.

Live, Work & Study

Mountbatten provides living arrangements in London and New York, work placement, monthly stipend, accommodation, insurance, visa assistance and support throughout, so that participants can focus on getting the most out of London and New York. For those who complete their MBA in Bangkok, Mountbatten provides accommodation and support services.


Whether candidates choose the MBA or the PGC, the programme begins with a year in London or New York, with a full-time work placement and evening and weekend classes.

Regional Centres

  • North American Regional Office, New York, United States
  • European Regional Office, London, United Kingdom
  • Asia/Pacific Regional Office, Bangkok, Thailand


For more information on Mountbattens program and how to apply, please visit:

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