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Apply now for the Team Peru Summer 2012 Practicum

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The application for the Team Peru Summer 2012 Practicum is now out. Application Deadline is Friday, April 13th!

*Applications are open to all degree programs, so we encourage anyone who is interested to apply.

Application Link:

Synopsis: Team Peru is a unique, impact driven, immersive experience. We are a movement that allows for students to make the most of their education while simultaneously having a positive impact on people’s lives. In conjunction with the Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development, students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a professional environment that caters to his or her particular academic area of focus. Based on each individual’s knowledge, interests, and passion, each participant is assigned to a project where, as a group, they are encouraged to take full ownership and responsibility of the planning and implementation of that project. Leaders are there to assist and facilitate this process.


Team Peru Blog:

Andean Alliance Website:


Contacts: Katie Holmberg (, Derek Polka (, Kat Gordon (




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