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MIIS Radio Podcasts

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The DLC at MIIS is broadcasting interview podcasts. More information about MIIS radio can be found at the DLC Blog .

Indepth interviews called the Policy Pace Series, hosted by Paula LeRoy ’11, can be directly accessed at These MP3 pod casts can be downloaded to your ipod or any multi-media player. Many can be streamed and more are posted weekly.

The following is a list of podcasts that can be accessed at 

Security and Development:

  • Successes in Youth Micro-Finance in Guatemala: Addison Embrey
  • Syrian Roots of Radicalism: an experience: Mike Garnett
  • Afghanistan: Progress and Inadequacies of US Involvement: Terry Tucker
  • Mismatched Military Mission in the Afghanistan Theater: Lessons Learned? Afghani Views of Progress in Afghanistan: Maryann Jafari and Nasrullah Aman
  • Ivory Coast Part 1: A Civil War Challenged Dadie Loh
  • Ivory Coast: Who are the Rebels? Part 2: An Analysis by Dadie Loh
  • Yemen in Transition: Many Factions, Many Needs: Fuad Shaw
  • Nuances of Transitional Justice: Judge Juan Guzman (Chile)
  • The Trajectory of Human Rights: Jan Knippers Black
  • What’s Your Status? Malawi’s Progress in HIV, Malaria & Development: Ben Nebo

Non-Profits and Development:

  • The Making and Questioning of a Development Professional: Alfred Ortiz
  • Foundations of a successful NGO: Marsha Wallace of Dining for Women
  • Looking Backward and Forward with the Motor Running: President Sunder Ramaswamy of MIIS
  • Saving Species with Landscape Scale “Playgrounds”: Steve Trombulak
  • Transitional Justice, Moral Dilemmas and Global Majority: Professor Micheal Buckley
  • Los Fracasos de Derechos Humanos que Vimos en Chile: Richard Funkhouser

Women’s Issues:

  • Identity, Culture, Conflict and Change in Present day Turkey: Nuket Kardam and Jodee Walters
  • Why Write Stories about Women? Gayle Lemmon Telemach (NYTimes)
  • Journalism and Women’s Needs: Q & A with Gayle Lemmon Telemach
  • The Enigmas: Power, Gender and Politics: Ursula Daniels and Denise Woods
  • Healing, Saving, and Protecting Women from Sex Trafficking: Lotus Outreach


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