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Citizens for a Sustainable Monterey County Internship

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Project Description:

This is a grassroots effort to establish a time bank on the Monterey coast where professionals exchange services and earn time dollars that can be used on a wide variety of services from the Time Banks membership directory. So time is used to replace money and everyones time is of equal value.

Time banking is one creative alternative developed by Dr. Richard Rockefeller in Portland Oregon in order to lessen the negative effects of the financial downturn and high unemployment that is inherent in a currency-based economy.

This organization will be a part of the hourworld network, a national network of service exchanges, which offer support, training, marketing materials and software, for free.

The organization will also, through this network enter into partnerships with other organizations that are pursuing sustainable solutions for the future; such as The New Economies Foundation, BALLE, Transitions US, PBS Fixing the Future, The Sustainable Economies Law Center and Community Ventures.

Please go to to get a more complete overview of time banking.


Job Title /Description:

Since this organization is in the grassroots stage of the project, all areas of business need to be assigned. The main objective being to offer an option for acquiring services that households require, in lieu of money exchange to exchange the services. To do this our group must build up a membership and create an awareness of the Timebank.

Time Commitment & Compensation:

The selected interns will be expected to commit 4-10 hours/week, with allowances in time made in consideration the academic calendar and school demands.

Qualifications and Expectations:

Three to five interns are needed, with grant writing skills/experience, outreach skills to build up a member base, public relations to plan events fundraisers, office and non-profit experience a plus.


Build up a service oriented membership for the Monterey Timebank.


  • Applicants should send letter of interest and resume to Carolyn Taylor at or Patricia Conklin at

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