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Professor Jeffrey Dayton-Johnson Published by Oxford University Press

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The Oxford Handbook of Latin American Political Economy, edited by GSIPM Professor Jeff Dayton-Johnson and Javier Santiso (director of the ESADE Centre for Global Economy and Geopolitics in Madrid) has just been published by Oxford University Press. The book brings together and extends recent work that looks at new trends — democratic consolidation, macroeconomic stability, Asian trading partners — that earlier political-economy authors have not. Political economy — “the politics of economics, and the economics of politics” — is all about “trespassing” between economics and political science. This book draws upon a new type of trespassing — the academic expert who has also been a top policy maker. Many of this new breed of trespasser — including former Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso, as well as present and former policy makers from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Peru — contribute to the volume, reflecting on the rough and tumble world of policy reform. They are joined by top researchers from research institutions across Latin America, the US, Asia and Europe. The new book can be found in the Faculty Authors section of the MIIS William Tell Coleman Library.

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