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Essays by MIIS Students and Assistant Professor Pushpa Iyer featured in the Women’s International Perspective

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Participants of Dr. Pushpa Iyer’s January 2012 field course “Challenges to Peacebuilding in Nepal” were featured in the Women’s International Perspective, a global news source that honors voices traditionally underrepresented in mainstream media. Dr. Iyer’s article, “Building Equitable Peace in the Land of Contrasts, Nepal,” overviews the contradiction between Nepal’s natural beauty and progress to lasting peace with overwhelming examples of violence and marginalization. The students’ work highlights several recurring themes left unresolved since the 1996 onset of Nepal’s civil war that continues in today’s post-conflict era.

Maria Luisa Olavarria’s article Easier Said than Done: Integration and Rehabilitation in Nepal explains the process of integrating former combatants into Nepali civil society, a strategy that aims for the peaceful and productive coexistence of longtime enemies.

Can You Hear Us Now? Continuing Challenges Facing Women in Post-War Nepal by Sasha Sleiman calls attention to efforts by non-profit organizations, the private sector, and the government of Nepal to introduce measures and policies aimed to improve the lives of women. Sleiman contrasts these efforts with several historical, structural and cultural factors that lead to the marginalization of women.

Jasmine Wolf describes a few of the obstacles facing the establishment of a secure police force in Challenges to Policing in Nepal. Wolf notes that among other changes, the government must shift from viewing the Nepali as working for them to the government working for the citizens.

Lauren Renda writes a particularly poignant article on the challenges to preventing human trafficking while highlighting some of the grass roots efforts to provide support to rescued victims.

Gender equality and women’s empowerment was the subject of Marina Savinovich’s article which keenly notes that, “Women must first find the power within themselves to embark on a journey of social change – to live in a world of collaboration, mutual respect and support, where everyone can exercise their individual potentials and talents, free and without judgment.”

We congratulate the work of Dr. Iyer and her class and look forward to reading more of their work exploring the future of Nepal.


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