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Frontier Market Scouts Head to Assignments on Five Continents

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Twenty-one Frontier Markets Scouts recently completed training at the Monterey Institute and took their first steps towards a career in impact investing. The Frontier Market Scouts program was jointly developed and managed by the Monterey Institute, Sanghata Global and Village Capital to turn compassionate and capable young professionals into talent scouts and investment managers serving local entrepreneurs and social-minded investors in low-income and weak-capital regions of the world.

The program has 21 scouts in the field this summer, assigned to work with companies such as the Acumen Fund, Growth Africa, HUB Bogota and Invested Development in countries such as Colombia, Mexico, Turkey, Kenya, India, China, Lebanon and Guatemala. The scouts are supported by MIIS faculty and staff as well as a student counterpart located in Monterey (what the program calls a “virtual scout”). The Frontier Market Scouts program’s mission is to connect enterprising small businesspeople in emerging markets with the capital they need to scale up their businesses, even as the scouts themselves gain career-defining and life-changing experience.

To learn more about the program, visit the Frontier Market Scouts page.

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