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Frontier Market Scouts featured in the Huffington Post

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An interview of Dean Yuwei Shi of the Graduate School of International Policy and Management was featured on the Huffington Post’s Impact page. The article titled, “To Change the World, Learn the Practical Solutions” was authored by Jonathan Lewis of the San Francisco-based NGO, iOnPoverty. It contained an interview of Dean Shi speaking on making enterprise more successful by replacing individualism with partnership.

The article pointed to the Frontier Market Scouts as an exemplary program that effectively reduces poverty through entrepreneurship in regions of low investment. Frontier Market Scouts employ innovative tools that encourage new enterprises that are responsive to client and global demands. Dean Shi exposes entrepreneurship not as a single-handed act, but as an opportunity to combine expertise, urging social enterprisers to “build teams to fill in your talent gaps. Look for the crowd that shares your goals. Be a social learner.”

Click here to read the Huffington Post article, here to learn more about iOnPoverty, and here to learn about the Frontier Market Scouts program.

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