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Gender Identities in Islam Panel this Saturday

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Professor Nüket Kardam, students of her Women’s Human Rights class, Women for Women International and the Conflict Resolution Association will present a panel discussion on Saturday, October 27th, on Gender Identities and Islam. The panel of five will demistify issues of gender through their own experiences and studies. Panel questions include:

1.) How does Islam view gender? Do you think your cultural practices related to gender issues match the teachings of Islam?

2.) What does it mean to be brought up in a Muslim majority country as a man or woman, and what did it mean to you in your early life? In what ways did Islam and your culture affect the way you grew up?

3.) Is it helpful to generalize cultural identities? Are all Muslim women and men the same?

4.) Has Western cultural pressure affected your view of women’s rights?

5.) The West often criticizes the Islamic culture in terms of gender issues. What kind of criticism do you have towards Western culture about gender issues?

The Panel will take place on Saturday, October 27th at 1:00pm in Morse B104. Contact Professor Nüket Kardam for more information at

Click Here to view the flyer for Gender Identities in Islam

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