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Immersive Learning Programs Funding Now Available

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The Student Council at the Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS) endeavors to support the needs of the student body by providing opportunities to apply for financial support for Immersive Learning Programs (ILP) such as, but not limited to, J-term, IPSS, DPMI Plus, IBP, Translation/Interpretation, Language Teaching Practica, FMScouts,and more. Funding can be awarded on an individual or class/group basis and can be awarded for a credit bearing or non-credit bearing ILP experience.

Financial support offered through the Student Council can be used toward the cost of program registration (not tuition), travel, and lodging only. In order to qualify an applicant must be:

  • Currently enrolled and in good academic standing in a degree-seeking program at the Monterey Institute of International Studies.
  • Accepted into an Immersive Learning Program relevant to the degree program.
  • In good financial standing with the Institute.
  • For class/group applications, all confirmed participants listed on the application must meet the above-mentioned criteria.
  • A one page proposal is required as part of the application process—expounding on these points: (1) Describe the ILP and why you wish to attend; (2) Explain how the ILP will enhance your learning experience at MIIS and will further your career goals; and (3) Elaborate on how your participation in this ILP will enrich the MIIS community.


Immersive Learning funding is available for students participating in a MIIS-approved immersive learning program. Please note that not all students will receive full reimbursement for their participation, and the amount awarded is at the discretion of the Immersive Learning Funding Committee. Funds are provided as a reimbursement; in no case will funds be given up front. Immersive Learning related costs include registration (not tuition), lodging and transportation (including but not limited to: airfare, public transportation, gasoline, toll fees). Incidentals such as the cost of food, entertainment, etc., are not eligible for reimbursement.

Both individual and class/group applications for funding will only be accepted and reviewed after acceptance to an Immersive Learning Program. Students may apply for Immersive Learning funding each semester up to the respective deadlines, November 30th by 5pm and April 30th by 5pm. There is one deadline per semester.

The Immersive Learning Funding Committee reserves the right to request additional documentation regarding attendance and/or participation including, but not limited to: receipts, registration forms, and proof of participation.

Students applying for Immersive Learning must read and agree to these terms. Students will be notified of their award via email 2-3 weeks after the November 30th or April 30th deadlines. Reimbursement will be processed only when the Immersive Learning Funding Committee has received all receipts for expenses for which the student is requesting reimbursement and when the student has submitted the deliverable, documenting the experience. The deliverable can be in the form of a report, video, blog, or presentation and MIIS reserves the right to use this information through our online platforms to share the student’s story. Learn more here.

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