Friday, November 9th, 2012...11:35 am

New Changes to our Course Codes!

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Looking up classes for next semester will soon be more intuitive, thanks to a new coding system in our Course Catalog! The new coding will allow students to find classes outside their programs that may complement specialized studies. Our new course codes include:

IPMG: All policy and management categories. This may include GIS and some J-Term courses.

IPSG: International policy studies courses, including workshops.

IEPG: International environmental policy courses, including workshops.

IEMG: International education management courses, including workshops.

MPAG: Public administratio, social change management and workshops.

NPTG: Nonproliferation and terrorism courses and workshops.

MBAG: International management and business courses, including workshops.

ICC: Intercultural competence courses, though courses will refer students to the policy, business, or language course

Contact your advisor for any questions!


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