Tuesday, January 15th, 2013...4:31 pm

Immersive learning students take on the world!

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Monterey Institute of International Studies students are interning, volunteering and working all over the nation and globe. The international community is gaining students from the programs Frontier Market Scouts (FMS), Development Project Management Institute (DPMI) and International Professional Service Semester (IPSS). Students will be going to 5 continents and over 20 countries, from placements in Mexico City to Beijing, Monterey students will use their analytical skills to build relationships and encourage policymaking in topics such as environmental protection, arms trade, human trafficking, impact investing and much more. Students will work with large agencies, such as the United Nations, World Health Organization and Interpol, as well as small community based groups like Lumana in Accra, Ghana. These diverse opportunities showcase the complex skill set that Monterey Institute graduates learn and apply at their time at the Institute.

See where our 2013 Frontier Market Scouts, Development Project Management Institute Plus and International Professional Service Semester students are headed!

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