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FMScouts Virtual Scout Info Session moved to Tuesday, March 12!

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Frontier Market Scouts Virtual Scout Information Session

Join us on March 12 in MG 100

12:15 to 2pm

The virtual scout program provides support to scouts in the field. The main responsibilities of virtual scouts include to provide (1) research and data collection, (2) translation services, and (3) assistance with location-specific projects for Scouts currently in the field.

Virtual scouts also serve as a liasion between the scout in the field and faculty and staff at the Monterey Institute. Our virtual scouts benefit by receiving a professional development opportunity and access to organizations in the social enterprise field. As one scout mentioned, “They get a taste of what’s its like to be in the field, before going. This is a great opportunity for first or second semester graduate students who are thinking about doing a FMScouts field opportunity.”

The virtual scout opportunity is an unpaid volunteer internship program open to Monterey Institute students and the greater social impact community. For more information, contact Virtual Scouts team leader, Zuleyma Bebell, at zuleyma@impactspace.org.

For  more information please visit go.miis.edu/fms.

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