Wednesday, May 8th, 2013...4:11 pm

DPMI Plus Colloquium Webinar

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What: DPMI Plus students will present on their projects and internship experiences. Presentations followed by Q&A

How: Join via webinar ( or in-person in the McCone Boardroom.

When: 12-1:30 PST on Thursday, May 9


12-12:20pm: Lupwa Lwabumi Trust Lusaka, Zambia

David Waldron, MPA

12:20-12:40pm: Project Concern International San Diego, California

Stephanie Kreuter, MPA

12:40-1:00pm: Accion East and Online New York City, NY

Elizabeth Haffa, MPA

1:00-1:20pm: Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Fisheries Department Rome, Italy

James Jiashi Tsou-Wong, IEP

1:20-1:40Asylum Access San Francisco, CA

Meg Fukuzawa, MPA

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