Friday, May 17th, 2013...5:11 pm

GSIPM and Frontier Market Scouts Host 35 Chinese Social Enterpreneurs

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ECSELGSIPM’s Frontier Market Scouts program hosted 35 Chinese social entrepreneurs on ECSEL fellowships for a Point Lobos hike and beach bonfire at Stillwater Cove in Pebble Beach this past April.

ECSEL brings together China’s top social entrepreneurs for self-learning, collaboration, and improved impact. ECSEL fellows traveled to Harvard, Stanford, and the Monterey Institute as part of their US tour.

In 2010, the Schoenfeld Foundation formally launched the ECSEL fellowship and that year, a cohort of 30 top Chinese undergraduate and MBA students traveled to the United States for a week of intensive business training. At that year’s CGIU conference, former US President Bill Clinton publicly honored the ECSEL program for its work supporting Chinese social enterprise.

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