Tuesday, June 4th, 2013...11:55 am

Alumna Heather Bessette Promoted into Dream Job a Year after Graduation

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Heather Bessette (MBA/MAIEP ’12) has taken the motto of the Institute as her personal goal. She is now celebrating her promotion to associate marketing manager at Rosen Convergence Marketing a year after graduation. She works for a company in Portland which is dedicated to “help purpose-driven companies do more good with less.” Her joint degree in International Environmental Policy and Business Administration provided her with the necessary skills to research and promote socially and environmentally responsible companies effectively. Networking and picking as many projects as possible while at school is her advice to students at MIIS.

Her participation in the NET Impact conference in 2011 in Portland as part of the active NET Impact MIIS chapter exposed her to the beauty of the city as a major “hotspot for sustainable thinking.”


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