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Prof. Iyer and her J-Term participants share stories of Gujarat

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Prof. Iyer and the students who went to Gujarat during J-Term 2013 are continuously working on telling the stories of the marginalized and unprivileged people of Gujarat. In May alone, the group presented their findings at two events. At a conference at the Henry Institute in Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan, three students and Prof. Iyer presented at a panel which was titled “Religion, Riots and Rules: Power Politics in Gujarat”.

The second presentation was for the members of the Indian American Muslim Council. Four students and Prof. Iyer presented at the webinar which was attended by over 50 members all over the US and was titled Gandhi’s Gujarat or Modi’s Gujarat?: Reflections from the Field. 

Prof. Iyer continues her commitment to Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding through her Center for Conflict Studies.



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