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Congratulations to 49 Spring-Summer Immersive Learning Students on Internship Completion

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Update on Semester-Long Immersive Learning Program Participants:

GSIPM is proud to congratulate 49 special program winter-spring 2013 fellows on completing their immersive learning fellowship assignments this month, while also wishing the best to the 35 summer-fall 2013 fellows who have recently started their internships or are heading to the field in the next few weeks.

Once again, fellows from the Development Project Management Institute Practicum (DPMI+), Frontier Market Scout (FMS), and International Professional Service Semester (IPSS) have contributed to the nonprofits, social enterprises, IGOs, and NGOs they served; built up their network; and grown personally and professionally during their US and international placements this spring and summer. 

Nine DPMI+ fellows served in eight countries while working with organizations including the US Peace Corps and the Firelight Foundation; 13 FMS fellows immersed themselves in social ventures and impact investing projects in eight countries serving impact funds and social enterprises such as Invested Development, Unitus Seed Fund, and Maya Mountain Cacao; and 27 IPSS fellows applied their expertise in conflict resolution, development/social change, nonproliferation, and disarmament at international organizations in 13 cities around the world.

For the 20 DPMI+ fellows and 15 FMS fellows of summer-fall 2013, we wish them a safe journey and an enriching experience.

For more information contact Carolyn Meyer, Director of Immersive Professional Learning and Special Programs at or call 831-647-6417.

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