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Radio La Benevolencija Humanitarian Tools Foundation (RLB) – Project Support Intern, Kigali, Rwanda

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The Dutch-based Radio La Benevolencija (RLB) in Rwanda is looking for a Project support intern in Kigali. The internship is unpaid and candidates need to bring their own laptop. Radio La Benevolencija uses a “combination of edutainment methodologies and comparative psychological research” to help affected communities coping with violence and trauma. “RLB’s media intervention in Rwanda, the DRC and Burundi is a prototype campaign to embed, in national audiences, scientific knowledge of how to resist the psychological pressures and demagoguery that turn individuals into perpetrators of mass hate.”

The candidate’s duties will include a wide range of responsibilities, working closely with the staff and getting involved directly with the project in Rwanda. This is a great opportunity.


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