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Master Degree In Sport For Social Coexistence And Conflict Resolution at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

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How many times have you heard of sports as way of managing and mitigating conflict? And have you ever thought that you could actually receive a Master’s degree for that?

Well, check out the Open University of Catalonia. The university offers quite a unique program in cooperation with UNESCO and the FC Barcelona Foundation. You can earn a Master’s degree in Sport for social coexistence and conflict resolution. It is addressed to anybody “who wants to become a trainer for peace and social cohesion, focusing on their educational and professional track”:
• Education professionals, sport and physical activity professionals, and primary care professionals.
• Institutions specialized in education and training.
• Psychology professionals.
• Non-governmental organizations and other national and international organizations and entities.
• Human and civil rights foundations and entities.
• Associations related to sport and recreation.
• Other socializing agents.

Enrollment is currently open and there are no requirements. Courses will be taught either in Spanish or English.

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