Wednesday, September 4th, 2013...11:56 am

2nd Annual International Conference on Transgenerational Trauma: Communal Trauma and Victim Identities in Amman, Jordan

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The Common Bond Institute will be hosting the 2nd Annual International Conference on Transgenerational Trauma for 4 days in October in Amman, Jordan. It will run from October 16th through October 19th, 2013. For more information on guidelines for calls for proposals, conference fees and travel expenditures, please click here.

Purpose and goals of the conference: Transgenerational trauma is seen as an underlying and potent fuel for the eruption of violence in the past, present, and future. Understanding it’s dynamics, influences, and implications, and developing new ways to effectively treat it, are essential to freeing ourselves of fear-based beliefs, healing and reconciliation within and between communities, establishing compassionate local and global relations, and achieving a true and sustainable culture of peace.

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