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2013 Executive Leadership (ELP) and Advanced Certificate (ACP) Programmes at IPDTC

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The International Peace and Development Training Centre of the The Peace Action Training and Research Institute in Romania is offering leadership and and certificate programs for 2013 in London, UK and Romania.

Currently, the center is hosting four certificate programs:

1) Making Peace Processes Work: Advanced Mediation and Peacemaking in Complex,  Challenging and Intractable Conflicts

2) Making Prevention Work: Improving Operational and Strategic Effectiveness in the Prevention of War, State Collapse and Armed Violence

3) Training of Trainers: Collaborative Approaches to Diversity in Conflict Settings

4) Designing Peacebuilding Programmes: Improving Sustainability, Impact and Effectiveness in Peacebuilding & Peace Support Operations (DPP)

Patrir is committed to a world in which conflicts are transformed constructively, through peaceful means – in which individuals, communities, countries and local, national, regional and international organisations and actors are empowered to address conflicts effectively, and work together to do so.

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