Wednesday, September 11th, 2013...10:56 am

FMS Participants and MIIS Almuna Helped to Launch Report for Maya Mountain Cacao

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The Maya Mountain Cacao connects smallholder farmers with the ultra-premium chocolate industry in Belize. The organization’s model creates an exceptionally high-quality cocoa bean and a growing source of income for farmers, while contributing to reforestation efforts and promoting sustainable organic agricultural practices in southern Belize. In the past few months, MMC has been busy pruning teams out cleaning and rehabilitating dozens of farms, leadership development and capacity building of MMC’sr team, community nurseries growing thousands of seedlings for planting during the rains, and continuing to buy and process smaller volumes of cacao during the low season for production. With the enormous help of Frontier Market Scout Whithey Hales and MIIS Alumna Elma Paulauskaite, MMC has put together a report on this summer’s most important projects: Maya Mountain Cacao’s 2013 Impact Report, available here. According to MMC’s Emily Stone, the report is best enjoyed alongside some fine chocolate: Ritual Chocolate and Mast Borthers

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