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Become a Human Rights Accompanier in Guatemala with NISGUA, Guatemala City

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Accompaniers work as human rights observers, providing an international presence to Guatemalans organizing in defense of their rights in a variety of contexts, including precedent-setting genocide cases and local opposition to mega-projects. Accompaniers work in pairs, travel between the capital and an assigned region, share in rural life, observe and report on conditions, monitor the human rights situation and provide a crucial link to the international community. NISGUA trains volunteers and matches them with groups in the U.S. that support the accompanier’s stay both financially and personally.

Candidates should have:

1) The ability to document and analyze events and conditions in order to produce quality written reports and educational materials

2) Cultural sensitivity; excellent judgment skills; physical stamina; ability to work flexibly in dynamic, changing situations; resourceful in self-care and relational dynamics

3) A high level of verbal and written Spanish or the ability to develop it with six weeks of intensive study

4) A familiarity with the history of Central America/U.S. relations, the current situation in Guatemala, and a basic understanding of human rights/accompaniment

5) Previous experience in Latin America (especially rural areas) strongly preferred

6) Awareness of security issues, a willingness to work in a situation which might involve risk, and an interest in individual and team analysis

Benefits: Accommodation and food covered by a small monthly stipend; health insurance, a re-entry stipend, and a contribution toward international airfare also provided.

About GAP: The Guatemala Accompaniment Project (GAP) of the Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala (NISGUA) trains and places qualified candidates as human rights accompaniers. NISGUA is one of many organizations around the world that employs accompaniment as a vital tool in the global struggle for the respect of human rights.  In the Guatemalan context, accompaniment is one tool used in response to the threats, harassment, and violence faced by survivors of Guatemala’s 36-year-long civil war, grassroots organizations working for justice, and indigenous communities combating destructive mega-development projects on their land.

For more information, click here for Human Rights Accompanier and here for general information.

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