Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013...1:17 pm

Invitation to Q&A session with General Palomeros, hosted by Atlantic Community

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The German think tank is inviting students to take part in a Q&A session with General Jean-Paul Palomeros, the NATO Supreme Allied Commander Transformation. This Q&A series help students to further their opinions and add a decision maker’s perspective to their studies. Learn more about the Q&A and watch an exclusive video statement from General Palomeros about the role of the Allied Command Transformation here. You can join for free, network with your peers and submit op-eds on any international relations issue that is of importance to both the United States and Europe.

Questions should be submitted to the editorial team via email to by Sunday, October 27, 2013. is an award winning foreign policy think tank based in Berlin, Germany with over 7,500 members worldwide. Atlantic Community seeks to encourage open and democratic dialogue on the policy challenges facing Europe and North America, giving a voice both to the seasoned and new generation of thinkers. It is a project by the German non-partisan, non-profit NGO Atlantische Initiative e.V.

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