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Still undecided for J-term? Applications for the J-term trip to Colombia are being accepted for a second round!

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Work with a local non-profit, Misiion Gaia to help strengthen sustainable tourism in the beautiful region of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia. Why should you join the team?

Gain field experience (!) in a richly bio-diverse environment that will develop mutually professional skills relating to international development, environmental conservation. translation/interpretation and sustainable business modeling!

This trip is open to all students and you can participate whether you want to earn credits or not! Ask the team leaders for more information.

Conduct a SWOT analysis and build an impact matrix for the potential for future business development in Minca, Colombia with priority given to locally developed tourism products which highlight local expertise and preserve natural resources.

Closely work with local community members to develop realistic action plans. Students will also have the opportunity to consult a local family on creating a sustainable business model for tours on their coffee farms!

Free weekends to embark on all that Colombia has to offer – surfing and scuba diving in the Caribbean, bird watching, hiking and more!

Deadline is October 28th, so get started! Email before October 28th or check out the Facebook page.  If you have any questions, contact the three team leaders: Whitney White (, Teryn Wolfe ( and Cristina Falcione (


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