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Save the Date for 2014 25th IPRA Global Conference in Istanbul, Turkey

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indexThe Ecology and Peace Commission (EPC)Towards Sustainable Peace: Nature, Gender and Resilience Building is sending out its Second Call for Papers:

From August 10-14, 2014, the International Peace Research Association (IPRA) will host its 25th Global Conference”Uniting for Peace: Building Sustainable Peace Through Universal Values” in Istanbul, Turkey. 

confFor the Conference, the EPC suggests several sessions to the theme “Towards Sustainable Peace: Nature, Gender and Resilience Building”:

  • Sustainability Transition and Sustainable Peace
  • Engendered Peace with Nature
  • Peace Ecology
  • Global Environmental Change
  • Disasters, Coping Strategies, Adaptation and Resilience-Building
  • Climate Change, Environmental Security and Resource Conflicts
  • International Environmental Policy:        Lacking Political Will and Implementation
  • Peace and Security Impacts of Business-as-usual Policies in the 21st Century
  • Additional submitted papers related to environment and peace themes

Here is the link to the conference application. Contacts are: Úrsula Oswald Spring, Mexico (, Hans Günter Brauch, Germany ( and Keith G. Tidball, USA (

Selected results of the EPC’s work during the 24th IPRA conference in November 2012 at Mie City in Japan resulted in a peer reviewed book that will be published on 30 November 2013.

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