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Learn How to Create an Integrated Communications Strategy with Master Trainer, Author, and Networking Expert Beth Kanter

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Tools and Tactics for the Networked Nonprofit

Networked International Organizations: Using Networks, Measurement, and Social Media for Learning That Leads To Impact

“Social media has to lead somewhere and although you may well want to eventually raise money, don’t treat your social media contacts like an ATM. Don’t just demand money.” — Beth Kanter, Author of Beth’s Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Today in the 21st century, both our infrastructures and communications networks operate largely on the internet. Consequently, social media has become a powerful means to share information and build any type of organization, whether it needs fundraising, advertising, public relations etc. No matter what career field, social media training and expertise is an increasingly valuable tool for professionals.

This January 2014,  Beth Kanter will offer a two-day workshop that will help participants create an integrated communications strategy makes effective use of social networks, as well as other digital tools and tactics.  The workshop is currently available in the IPSS portfolio of j-term offerings but open to all MIIS students. Beth who is an internationally recognized trainer,  has developed and implemented effective sector capacity building programs that help organizations integrate social media, network building, and relationship marketing best practices.  Workshop content is based on Beth’s two recently published books: The Networked Nonprofit and Measuring the Networked Nonprofit.

Trainings for this workshop are scheduled on Friday, January 17 and Monday, January 20.  Topics will include organizational networking strategies and  integrated digital strategy that focuses on social media engagement, content creation, measurement and organizational learning. Those results may be increased brand awareness, fundraising, inspiring and mobilizing stakeholders to take action, or outreach.  The course will also help participants develop a professional learning and networking strategy that will deepen the impact of their internship and support their career goals.

Course title: Networked International Organizations: Using Networks, Measurement, and Social Media for Learning That Leads To Impact

Banner registration: IPSS, CRN 20788

Regular spring tuition rates apply. No additional program fees are required for full-time students.

For questions, please contact Erina McWilliam-Lopez at emcwilliam@miis.edu.

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