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OpenIDEO’s next challenge, launching February 2014: Women’s Security

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OpenIDEO asks the question “How might we help women and girls feel safe and empowered in low-income urban areas?” In the 21 century, the concept of safety as a human right is still nothing women and girls can take for granted. Exposed to gender-based violence, social stigmatization and lack of access to basic health care and other social services, OpenIDEO is calling for action, and will launch a challenge in February.


This challenge will be the first of ten sponsored by the Amplify program, a partnership between the Department for International Development and The program aims to transform international aid through collaboration and human-centered design. Click here for further information and how to keep informed on the upcoming challenge.

“At OpenIDEO we design better, together for social good. This means collaborating as a global community to generate ideas which speak to big global challenges. Transforming these ideas into action and impact is an important part of our journey – check out more on the various avenues this might take in our  Types of Impact.”




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