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The Monterey County Weekly covers Steve Pifer’s visit to MIIS

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Steve Pifer, Colloquium speaker and former US ambassador to Ukraine, was featured in an article of the Monterey County Weekly.  The article highlighted his pivotal and unplanned timing in Monterey: “His lecture was set up far ahead of the bloody, drawn-out protests in Kiev, the surprise invasion by Russian forces into Crimea and the annexation of the only region in Ukraine with an ethnic-Russian majority.” The article also quotes Pifer when he describes the Russian annexation of Ukraine as “probably the most blatant land grab since the end of the Second World War.” Pifer explained that Russia’s actions were also “a spent bargaining chip for Russia to stabilize a neighbor long hindered by corruption and poor leadership.” Pifer expressed his reluctance in thinking that the US would go to war for Ukraine.  The former US-ambassador also remarked that the challenge in Ukraine’s future will be in assuring its leaders ability to take the necessary and difficult economic measures, such as ending subsidies for citizens’ natural gas.

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