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DPMI Monterey Participants Engage Local Organizations

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This year, the Design, Partnering, Management & Innovation (DPMI) Program in Monterey tried something brand new. Instead of just talking about community engagement, DPMI participants got the opportunity to visit local organizations as part of the Week 2 curriculum. The social issue under investigation was homelessness in Monterey County, and there was no shortage of important questions to ask. In what ways are local organizations engaged with the homeless population? What services are currently available? What role do the police see themselves playing? How can we ultimately decrease the number of homeless people in Monterey County?

To put a twist on the usual behavior change lessons, DPMI participants looked beyond behavior change in the homeless population to organizational behavior change. With the help of instructor Sharon Bean, participants prepared questions based in appreciative inquiry to help them interview six different organizations. Their task? To get at the heart of how each organization functions and seek ways in which the organization could alter processes and habits in order to better serve their mission. The groups presented their recommendations in class for feedback before sharing them with their host organizations.

We are particularly grateful to the community organizations who volunteered to participate!

Dorothy’s Place, Salinas

Family Resource Center, Salinas

The Gathering Place, Monterey

Sun Street Center, Salinas

United Way Monterey County, Monterey

Monterey Police Department, Monterey


DPMI participants with Sun Street Center staff:



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