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Chasing Buddha – New Art Exhibit in McCone

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Chester Ng is a Fine Arts photographer who focuses on dance, motion, abstract and cultural themes. His images capture both movements and expressions as well as the encounter between the subject’s energy and himself. He combines a journalistic style with an aesthetic sense to create images with mood, emotion and relevance. He invites viewers to create their own “real or imagined” stories with his images and to celebrate the spontaneity of the moment.

Chester’s photographs have received international recognition from Black & White Magazine, American Art Collector, Black & White Spider Awards, Monochrome Awards, Color Awards, PX3, Photography Masters Cup and Photographer’s Forum. His artwork has been exhibited in galleries around the Central Coast and the Bay Area. He is based in Monterey and is a member of The ImageMakers of Monterey and The Independent Photographers.

From the Artist:

To me, “Chasing Buddha” is about the Pursuit of Happiness. What struck me most about the Bhutanese people is that, in spite of their spartan existence, they seem quite content with life. Bhutan first promoted the notion of “Gross National Happiness” in 1972 as a way to balance the country’s cautious entry to modernity while preserving its traditions. That notion has since transformed into a core guiding philosophy of life that seeks to strike a balance between the individual’s spiritual and material needs.

Like the joyous spirit of these young monks at Dechen Phodrang Monastery in Thimphu, Bhutan, I felt that same jubilant energy in many of the places I visited around the country. With more than 80% of the country’s populace embracing Buddhism as their faith, the Bhutanese people strive for harmony and peace through Buddha’s teachings.

Check out the exhibit now showing in the McCone atrium!

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