Meredith Rupp

Meredith Rupp

MIIS Program: International Policy & Development, Spring 2017

Traveling during J-Term to: Nepal

A look at a past immersive learning experience…



My first time living outside of the US was studying abroad in Rennes, France. I was 19 and fell hard for the French culture.
Funny Moment?
Telling French people that my name is Meredith and 8 times out of 10 hearing the response “Ooooh, like Graize Anatomie!” (That’s Grey’s Anatomy in a heavy French accent.)


The world is full of beauty. The French way of life taught me to notice it, to breathe it in, and revel in it. Although the American pace of life is not always conducive to this, I have made a conscious effort to keep the practice alive. Every day I make it a point to pause and appreciate something beautiful. Stop and smell the roses, otherwise they may as well not be there.



Tweet of advice?
Order all kebabs with sauce blanche. And then be prepared for #heartache when you can’t find them in the US.

Digital Story: Nepal

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