Digital Media


Flickr Creative Commons
Many Flickr users choose to offer their work for public use as long as other users follow the attribution rules under the various Creative Commons licenses. There are millions of photos to choose from, and you can filter and do advanced searches in unique ways.

Free high-resolution photos. Not as many as Flickr Creative Commons, but these are generally very high quality, whereas Flickr runs the gamut.

10 Composition Tips for iPhone / iPod Touch 
Useful techniques and tips for taking photos with your digital device. Remember that your digital camera sees the world differently than your eye does.


Creative Commons Music Community
Here, you will find a list of different sites to search for music licensed under Creative Commons. Two of our favorites are Jamendo and SoundCloud for finding unique music or specific sound bites.

This is a great site for finding sound effects

GarageBand is a music creation studio on Mac with a sound library. It’s a great resource for recording audio for digital stories.


iMovie is a video editing software application sold by Apple for use on Mac and iOS. It is relatively user-friendly and accessible for this kind of digital storytelling project. Available in the DLC.

A video editing and screen capture application sold by TechSmith for use on Mac and Windows. Somewhat easier than iMovie for edits, voice over slide content projects, and digital stories. 30 day free trial available. Full license use available in the DLC media booths.

Soundslides makes digital storytelling easy. It’s a great way to make audio slideshows, synchronizing audio with images. The downside is that you cannot use moving film, only photos. You can download a free trial.



Lynda is an amazing online education resource that hosts thousands of different tutorials on software, business and creative skills. You can find tutorials for a wide variety of digital media tools to assist in your process, although you need an account beyond a free 10-day trial.

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