Center for Digital Storytelling
A thought leader in the digital storytelling space, the CDS offers unique methods for story creation and assists participants in creating short, first person narratives. Their ‘Stories’ page holds a selection of stories from their workshops. They also have a YouTube channel that shares a ton of past projects.

1 in 8 Million Project
A digital storytelling project created by the New York Times using just sound and images to capture a variety of “ordinary people telling extraordinary stories.” Visit this site to see several examples of digital stories.

Ira Glass on Storytelling
In this approximately 18-minute video interview, Ira Glass (host of This American Life) discusses what makes a good story.

Marshall Ganz: Telling Your Public Story
Marshall Ganz is a renowned community organizer and senior lecturer in public policy at Harvard University. He created the public story framework that exists in three parts: story of self, story of us, story of now. This worksheet explains what that means in the context of the challenges, choices, and outcomes we face in life.

NPR Goats and Soda Blog 
This is NPR’s blog that covers health and development around the world. Here, you will find plenty well written and produced examples of written narratives and audio stories.

One of the first and largest born-digital oral history collections, with over 45,000 recorded interviews from every state in the United States. Visit this site to learn more about a unique audio storytelling project.


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