About Madrid

Madrid is a vibrant city of more than 3.2 million residents. As the capital of Spain, it is an important political, economic, and cultural center, and is home to several museums, theatres, and an active nightlife. The city of Madrid provides students a wealth of intellectual and cultural possibilities and enjoys a central location, making travel to various regions of the country convenient.

The student population in Madrid exceeds 200,000, which gives the city an exciting, boisterous, and friendly atmosphere. Even though Madrileños are accustomed to living a cosmopolitan and urban lifestyle, they maintain a strong Spanish identity that makes the city a fascinating location to learn and live the Spanish language and culture.

Spain ranks in the top 5 in the IIE Open Doors report for US Education Abroad host destinations each year.  In 2014, Spain ranked #3 with 26,281 students participating in study abroad throughout the country.

Fast Facts about international education in Spain: Spain-Open-Doors-2014