Alethea Stoltzfus, IEM ’19

France J-Term Practicum

Through my time in Paris I was able to better understand the challenges and benefits of working in international education abroad, build connections with both professionals in Paris and with my fellow MIIS IEM students, and reflect on my own experiences studying and working abroad. Additionally, I’ve been reflecting on my language studies, as I only started studying French during SILP in June. SILP rewarding experience for me, and I’m amazed that 9 months ago I spoke and understood little to no French, so I loved the opportunity to absorb so much of the language while we were in Paris. I truly valued the professional connections that we made while in Paris, and I would highly recommend that future students send follow up emails or meet with professionals while on programs such as this. I also loved the chance to connect with other students in the IEM program and learn more about their backgrounds and future aspirations in the field of international education. Finally, I’ve already been using the things that we learned during J-Term in my current classes at MIIS, and I love being able to connect the dots between the real-world experience we were able to have in January, and the things we are learning about in our classes this semester.

“Students from Team France at the Moulin Rouge.”

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