Alicia Rorabaugh, NPTS ’18

PIR Center, Moscow, Russia

This summer I worked at the PIR Center in Moscow, Russia as a Research Fellow. My research focused on the Russian proposal to the Conference on Disarmament, titled “International Convention on the Suppression of Acts of Chemical and Biological Terrorism.” I had the opportunity to attend international conferences and meet with a variety of experts in the field. It was a great arena to network in as well as to receive advice from ambassadors and other diplomatic personnel. Another aspect of my research allowed me to contact personnel from the various embassies in Moscow to obtain official country positions on this Russian proposal.

I also had the opportunity to interview an integral member who helped in the drafting process. It was interesting to hear how and why this proposal was initiated, as he was a fundamental contributor.

Apart from my research, I also had the opportunity to aid in administrative tasks such as answering the phone, and scanning documents. Furthermore, I was able to sit in on academic talks and conferences, and write summaries to be published on the PIR Center website. I also learned a lot about updating their website and the intricacies associated with formatting and editing.

Overall it was a great experience where I was able to improve my Russian, conduct necessary research in the field, and establish vital connections with diplomats in the international community. I am very thankful to have received this funding which made it possible for me to conduct this internship.

Daria Selezneva and Alicia Rorabaugh at the Семинар «Информационная безопасность и кибербезопасность гражданских ядерных объектов: оценка угроз и определение путей их преодоления»
Seminar “Information and cybersecurity at peaceful nuclear facilities – threat assessment and an identification of ways to overcome them”


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