Allyson Rimmer, NPTS ’18

Stimson Center, South Asia

This fall, I have been interning with the Stimson Center’s South Asia Program in Washington D.C. This has been an incredible experience. In intern fashion, there are daily tasks that lie more exclusively in administrative duties, but Stimson offers even more opportunities for interns to be apart of the conversation, research and events happening both here as well as around D.C. For example, within Stimson we have had events on military strategy in Afghanistan with the National Defense University, a panel on the Doklam crisis with experts from both India and China, and an event with Japaneses officials concerning the Korean crisis. Externally, I have been able to attend incredible events as well. I was able to sit in on the National Academy of Sciences, Medicine, and Engineering’s Cooperative Threat Reduction symposium for 2017. This was a great moment for me because I was able to keep up with the scientific conversation on chemical, nuclear, and biological weapons thanks to the practicality of the NPTS program at MIIS. I also was able to attend a discussion at Johns Hopkins SAIS with the Minister of Interior from Pakistan talking on counterterrorism. In the office I have been working on research concerning deterrence strategy, nuclear security in India and Pakistan, and the chemical weapons convention ratification by the US in 1997. I can say without a doubt, that interning here at Stimson is more than worthwhile. The direct applicability to my masters learning and thereafter is obvious, and I feel coming back in the spring, I will be a better student for it.

“This is a graphic I designed for Stimson’s South Asian Voices series on China.”

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