Amber Morgan, NPTS ’19

Prague Nuclear Reactor Practicum

The Nuclear Research Reactor Practicum in Prague was an extremely enlightening experience. The professors at Czech Technical University were very accommodating to the fact that we were policy students rather than scientists. They allowed us to run experiments on the VR-1 nuclear research reactor, which allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of how nuclear reactors work. They also taught us about nuclear safety, nuclear security, and safeguards, all of which will be valuable as I begin a career in nonproliferation. The opportunity to gain hands on experience with a nuclear research reactor really solidified the concepts that I had learned in Dr. Moore’s Nuclear Energy and Nonproliferation course. Though I learned a lot in Dr. Moore’s course, I feel that I now have a much deeper understanding of these scientific concepts that are so relevant to our field. I also believe this experience will allow me to better work with scientists in the future and be able to collaborate with scientists to form good policy. I would recommend this practicum to any policy students who are looking to gain a better understanding of how nuclear reactors work. This practicum really complemented Dr. Moore’s Nuclear Energy and Nonproliferation course as well as the Science and Technology for WMD course.

“Group Photo, Czech Technical University.”

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