Anne Pellegrino, NPTS ’18

Prague Nuclear Reactor Practicum

My two weeks in Prague were amazing and I didn’t want to leave! My deepest thanks to everyone at MIIS and at the Czech Technical University for organizing this practicum. It was easily the best educational program I have ever been part of. I honestly don’t think I expected to learn as much as I did- my brain definitely got a workout!

My favorite parts of the program were 1. Prague, 2. the visits to Temelin and Skoda, and 3. operating the reactor. Prague is such a wonderful city and I appreciated having two full weeks to explore. If you like gothic architecture, I’d recommend a visit!

What I appreciate most about the program is that I had to work really hard. Prior to the trip, I lacked a deep technical knowledge of nuclear energy and nuclear reactors. Yes, a few courses at MIIS spent time covering the basics of nuclear physics and reactors, but they really don’t compare to conducting experiments and actually operating a reactor!

I know that I can maneuver around highly technical topics and feel confident in what I am saying. I think that this new technical knowledge will make me a better problem solver, policymaker, policy analyst, etc. The basis of good policy in the nuclear realm is technical knowledge!

“Practicum students outside Czech Technical University.”

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