Arti Dhar, MBA ’19

Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) Summer Internship

GIIN plays a vital role in streamlining the emerging impact investing field by acting as an intellectual capital resource (through publications) as well as a convening body (through working groups, conferences, and other forums). The opportunity as member of the research team at GIIN allowed me to produce tangible outputs that I can point to future employers (the written output of the two projects I primarily worked on will be published in Sept 2018 & Q1 of 2019) that showcases my growing knowledge of the space. Having said that, while GIIN is clearly an influential leader in impact investing, it’s not an impact investor itself. Therefore, students interested in being actual practitioners of impact investing might not see a long-term future at GIIN (I put myself in that category as well). Having said that, if you’re a new entrant to the field, you cannot find a better first experience than GIIN. At GIIN, you will be at the cutting edge of the emerging new ideas and trends that will most probably dominate the space in the near future. And experience at GIIN only helps you find your positioning as an impact investor as well. For example, after my summer with the organization, my experience at GIIN led to me receiving two separate part-time offers from organizations for Fall 2018- an impact investing consulting firm based in SF and an impact investment manager based in Santa Monica (to work remotely. Hence, GIIN plays a huge role in opening doors for their former Summer Associates.

I will be more than happy to speak to other students about how to make themselves stronger candidates for GIIN and what the value is of an experience there.

Click here to Check out Arti’s report for GIIN, “Financing the Sustainable Development Goals: Impact Investing in Action

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