Bryan Fetner, NPTS ’18

Prague Nuclear Reactor Practicum

The trip to Prague was an amazing experience. I loved the opportunity to visit so many sites and learn so many different things. I have had so many different experiences that I would not have had the opportunity to do so in any other way. I will always remember the things that we did on the trip. It was exiting to be able to manipulate the control rods in the reactor, but even more exciting, it was amazing to be able to see the power level increase and see how moving them had such a reaction. It was amazing to be able to see Cherenkov radiation glow at the bottom of the pool. I loved being able to tour the nuclear power plant and see how they worked. I had never understood how cooling towers worked, but through this trip I was able to get up close and see the steam and feel the massive intake of air rushing to the towers. I was able to operate a fusion reactor, something that I never thought I would have the ability to do in my life. I controlled the power of the sun in my hands for a few seconds! It was amazing to be able to see the CTBTO control center and watch as the data came in in real time. I am very grateful for the opportunity that I had, and would suggest it to anyone who in interest in nuclear power.

“In the historic streets of Prague.”

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